Silverwing Roadways (North) is a Goods Transport organization exclusively operating between Jaipur –Mumbai and Jaipur- Delhi since 1957. It caters to the Exporters and Industries. It has own offices at various places in Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai as well. It is managed by Persons who have Business background or it may be said that business runs in their family from last three generations. We are pioneers of Jaipur- Mumbai route.

Small description of About Us

Silverwing Roadways (North) was established in 1957 by Late Sh. R. N. Saraf as a partnership firm having its Head Office in Jaipur.
By starting transport service between Jaipur – Mumbai, Silverwing Roadways became the Pioneer of Jaipur Mumbai route.
It is now headed by his son Sh. Pradeep Saraf who is having more than three-decade experience in the transport industries.
Today we are one of the leading transport organizations operating between Delhi-Jaipur-Mumbai route.
SWR’s efficient network ensures smooth flow of operation between one state to other ensuring speedy & efficient transportation of goods.... Read More